by pat howard

THE WHIP | Gilmore girls, Weeds and The View

In ABC, Gilmore girls, Showtime, The CW, The View, Weeds on May 3, 2007 at 8:17 pm

The LA Times reports that Warner Bros. and The CW were unable to reach an agreement for an eighth season of Gilmore girls, meaning that the show will take its final bow Tuesday, May 15. I’ve come a little late to the Gilmore party (I’m currently catching up on season 4 DVDs; the first two seasons were especially brilliant, I thought), so I can’t comment on the effect the departure of the Palladinos had on the series. But I can say that the May 15 finale was written as a potential series end, so hopefully there won’t be too many loose ends left unresolved. …

Matthew Modine is apparently joining the cast of Weeds for 10 of the upcoming third season’s 15 episodes (follow the link for more info about his character). This is the first I’ve read about the upcoming season, which ended on a suspenseful note involving the police, a Mexican standoff in the grow house, and the murder of Agent Wonderbread. I’ll be interested to see how they tidy up all these loose ends. …

And Rosie, who broke my heart last week by announcing her impending departure from The View, has now promised to stop arguing with Bush-supporting co-host Elisabeth Hasselback…because she’s pregnant. Whatever, Rosie. I never claimed to understand everything you were saying. I just find it entertaining most of the time. It should be interesting to see where the former Queen of Nice lands after ankling the Babs chatfest. First reports suggested she’d have a show by fall 2008, but everything I’ve read since her announcement last week suggests it’ll be fall of 2009 before she’s got her own gig. What’s that about?


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