by pat howard

THE WHIP | Walters, Washington & Rhimes; creative Emmys; Rohm’s bad luck

In CBS, Grey's Anatomy, Isaiah Washington, Law & Order, PBS, Shonda Rhimes, The View on June 15, 2007 at 6:03 pm

The AP reported Wednesday what I suspected last weekend: that Isaiah Washington’s ouster from Grey’s Anatomy was a “coolly calculated move” in part because of his “track record of volatile behavior.” In an interview this week with, Washington continued to miss the point, blaming the media for his firing and cloyingly referring to himself in the third person a bunch of times. …

Yesterday, Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes broke her silence about the situation, speaking to Access Hollywood about the creative side of the situation. The report aptly describes her as “elusively diplomatic.” She tells the entertainment newsmagazine that she feels like “we wrote the show in a way that really completes the story,” adding that the show has had a phenomenal year and what happens behind the scenes is the business of those who work behind the scenes. The full report (with video) is here. Rhimes threw in a little third-person action herself, saying “Shonda handles everything the way Shonda always handles everything. Through her typewriter, through the computer.” …

Elisabeth Rohm apparently has the most to lose if Fred Thompson’s Law & Order reruns are pulled when he becomes a presidential candidate. She co-starred with the former senator for three of her four seasons as one of the show’s least likable ADAs ever. Residuals from reruns of those episodes apparently account for 25 percent of her salary. The episodes may have to be pulled to comply with election laws addressing equal time for candidates on the public airwaves. …

Barbara Walters continues to make strange statements to the media. What a crazypants. Earlier in the week, after taking a collect call from inmate Paris Hilton, Babs told her radio audience that Hilton might make a good guest co-host for The View. Her unending fascination with the face of America’s spoiled heiresses is baffling. View executive producer Bill Geddie weighed in, saying she would not be considered for the show, but Walters held her own. Everything about this idea is terrible. …

In other Walters nonsense news, she told Ryan Seacrest this week that Rosie’s departure has allowed the women to discuss topics that were allegedly taboo during O’Donnell’s stint, such as heterosexual sex. What a bizarre statement, whether it’s true or not. O’Donnell got the last word on her blog, pointing out that Walters is “almost 80.” …

Yesterday, Walters got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, right between Seacrest and Destiny’s Child. … And tonight, O’Donnell could be reunited with her View co-hosts as the Daytime Emmy Awards are handed out in Los Angeles. This AP report suggests that O’Donnell might attend the ceremony, where she’d join the ladies onstage if The View wins in either the outstanding talk show or outstanding talk show host category. …

Speaking of the Daytime Emmys, the creative awards were handed out last night. PBS led the pack with 13 awards. Of course, we’re just under an hour away from the live ceremony for the program and performance awards, which airs tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern on CBS. For a last-minute preview and the list of nominees, check out the CBS site. Look for my Emmy postmortem later this weekend.

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