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THE WHIP | Sorkin’s new play, fall season changes, and highlights from The View & Grey’s

In ABC, Fox, Grey's Anatomy, Isaiah Washington, Law & Order, NBC, The View on June 22, 2007 at 2:25 pm

The Friday Whip begins with some fall season changes. First up, ABC has renamed Christina Applegate’s sitcom Sam I Am. The new title is Samantha Be Good. Apparently, the original title ruffled some feathers at the estate of famed rhyming storyteller Dr. Seuss, prompting the change. …

NBC’s The Singing Bee was originally slated to debut this fall, in tandem with a new season of 1 vs. 100. But the network has decided to fast-track the series, scheduling its premiere for Tuesday, July 10, despite the fact that the show is still without a host. The karaoke game tests players’ recall of popular song lyrics when the music stops. The change at the Peacock network comes on the heels of Fox’s copycat series Don’t Forget the Lyrics, which bows July 11. The Singing Bee is an interesting concept, perhaps better suited for GSN or VH1. Whether it resonates with viewers is another matter entirely, though the upshot of all this could be that neither series lives long enough for the fall season to begin. …

Fred Thompson and Milena Govich are out at Law & Order. But Jeremy Sisto and Jesse L. Martin will be the new detective team when the venerable series returns after football in January for its 18th season. Martin agreed to a thirteen-episode deal and will return for his ninth season in the role of Detective Ed Green. Sisto was hired earlier this month. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Van Buren (S. Epatha Merkerson, who recently guest-hosted The View) is moonlighting in Lifetime’s “Girl, Positive,” premiering Monday at 9 p.m./EDT. …

As his ill-fated valentine to himself, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, takes its final gasps this month on NBC, Aaron Sorkin is mounting yet another comeback. The prolific scribe will return to Broadway this fall with “The Farnsworth Invention,” his first play in almost 20 years (the last was “A Few Good Men”). “Farnsworth” deals with the man who invented television and his struggles to patent his creation. The show is scheduled to open November 18. …

Elisabeth Hasselback isn’t sure Rosie O’Donnell is her friend, but that’s okay because The View‘s ratings have sustained themselves since the onetime Queen of Nice took her leave of the talk show. The New York Times points out that you can still watch Rosie, unplugged, in her video blog entries. …

It wouldn’t be a day without some Grey’s gossip, I suppose. Here are some tidbits before the weekend. Katherine Heigl has become the first celebrity to launch her own line of scrubs, which I think is a fantastic idea. The most variety we usually see in scrubs is when the dental hygienist wears a kittens pattern. …

Having run out of other people to blame, embattled former Anatomy star Isaiah Washington has now turned his original victim, T.R. Knight. Washington tells the Houston Chronicle that it was Knight who should’ve been fired for “creating a negative work environment” by “stirring up the notion that the slur was targeted at him.” So Knight wasn’t supposed to be offended because Washington called him a slur behind his back instead of to his face? You can bet Washington would be singing a different tune if the roles were reversed and someone was bandying the n-word about the Grey’s set. He says he is considering a lawsuit and the article adds something we hadn’t heard before: he asked to be let out of his contract after both incidents and was told no. …

Enjoy your weekend, because you know Isaiah will have something else crazy to say come next week.

  1. Perhaps The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee is available to host The Singing Bee?

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