by pat howard

REVIEWS | Quick takes on some new & returning shows

In Degrassi, Degrassi: The Next Generation, USA Network on July 2, 2007 at 1:46 pm

What I saw of Burn Notice on USA over the weekend looked decent, I guess. The writing seemed crisp and it’s hard not to love Sharon Gless; Jeffrey Donovan, on the other hand…well, either you’re buying what he’s selling or you’re not. I didn’t, and I suppose that’s my cross to bear, considering the big showing Notice had for its premiere. Sorry, but my summer dance card is already crowded, and I’m not inclined to make time for Donovan’s ten pounds of smug in a five-pound bag. …

Also landing with a disappointing thud this weekend, The N’s new college drama The Best Years. For someone who did his time in the trenches at Degrassi, Aaron Martin couldn’t seem to recapture the magic in a collegiate setting. I wanted this show to be good; maybe it’ll get better with time? But as my BFF pointed out while we were watching, for as rough as the pilot of Degrassi was, at least it was action-packed. …

Degrassi, which returned this weekend for the final six installments of its sixth season, remains the crown jewel of the netlet’s lineup. The most intense storyline of the season, J.T.’s stabbing death, is behind us now, but there are a few tales left to be told. Lots of dating and relationship drama is in the pipeline; it’s not the show at its most compelling (or, to be sure, at its worst), but it’s still an enjoyable ride, and Degrassi at its worst is still better than The Best Years.

  1. […] the desperate in Miami. USA has carved quite a niche for itself with character-driven drama, and I initially dismissed Burn Notice wholesale on the basis of Jeffrey Donovan’s smarmy unlikability. Critical […]

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