by pat howard

Big Brother 8: Malice in Wonderland

In Big Brother, Big Brother: After Dark, CBS on July 6, 2007 at 12:59 pm

The summer pastime of shut-ins, TV enthusiasts, and more of the general public than would ever admit to watching, Big Brother 8, premiered last night on CBS. The season’s inaugural “but first” was output by the Chenbot at around 8:02 p.m./EDT. The whimsical house has an “Alice in Wonderland” theme, as noted in prepress for the show and by the contestants on first inspection.

Three pairs of houseguests learned during last night’s show that they’ll be spending the summer with people from their past. Bitter ex-boyfriends Joe and Dustin seemed the most vocal about their lingering resentments, quick to gossip with their housemates and share scandalous stories of their breakup. These simmering tensions could lead to plenty of drama in the summer sun; I still haven’t picked a side, but we haven’t seen much yet.

The other pairs of rivals are Jessica and Carol, former friends from junior high, and Dick and Danielle, a father and daughter. Without knowing the backstory, Jessica and Carol’s spat seems the most frivolous at the outset. Dick’s attempts over the past two years to communicate with Danielle have apparently been ignored; upon learning she’d be forced to spend the summer with her dad, Danielle cried to some other housemates. My initial impression is that she’s a drama queen, but I’ve been wrong before and Dick is kind of skeezy.

Kail, the 37-year-old conservative married business owner, won the first Head of Household competition. Her strategy of lying about her background might not be as silly as it sounds, although I can think of some other reasons not to give her half a million dollars.

It didn’t take long for CBS to burn up the hour, so there was very little action in this first episode, and I fell asleep (uncharacteristic for me) before the premiere of Big Brother: After Dark, but I’m excited about the potential drama that’ll ensue this summer. Your thoughts?


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