by pat howard

BREAKING: Big Brother ‘mos reconcile

In Big Brother, Big Brother: After Dark, ShoToo on July 7, 2007 at 12:02 am

Live from Big Brother After Dark on ShoToo: The gay ex-boyfriends on Big Brother 8 have already made up, and would seem to be sharing a room in the oversized room of the “Alice in Wonderland”-themed house.

Based on the housemates’ conversation this evening, I can report that things have not fared so well for the father/daughter pair in the house. America’s Player could not have been more aptly named, I feel, coming across the giant tool as he does. Competitions are said to have already become intense, resulting in slop by day two in the house.

The live feeds continue on ShoToo and through CBS’s RealPlayer subscriptions.

UPDATE: Despite their amicable behavior, both Joe and Dustin made it clear that they would love to see each other be nominated and/or voted out of the house. Either there are still some hard feelings here, or they’re both fiercely competitive.


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