by pat howard

‘Bingo’ coming back

In ABC, Internet on July 9, 2007 at 9:57 am

Another run is in the cards for ABC’s National Bingo Night, and it’s not because of the show’s Nielsen numbers. According to B&C, it was the show’s online presence that got it noticed. Viewers who wanted to play at home during the show’s sixe-week Friday night run earlier this summer had to download bingo cards from the show’s website…and they did, in droves, downloading 22 million bingo cards and winning more than $550,000.

“As of now, ABC is planning on airing the show on five consecutive nights the week of Dec. 17.”

This is another example of online/interactive elements representing viewer response that Nielsen can’t measure. With more and more deals and decisions hinging on interactive elements, will Nielsen numbers still be relevant in ten years? This could turn primetime on its head.

  1. best game show Fri night is the wost night for it, who wants to stay home on Fri. nyou will miss all the under 30 peaple,who can keep u alive.

  2. People with families stay home on friday nights for one, but saturday would be better i think for those who dont!

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