by pat howard

BB8 | After Dark Update (7/30; contains spoilers)

In Big Brother: After Dark, ShoToo on July 30, 2007 at 11:39 pm
  • Dustin is head of household
  • The veto ceremony was held today; Jameka took Jen off the block and Dustin replaced his nomination with Nick
  • Nick and Daniele are fighting over trust issues
  • Dick is angry over Jen’s performance in the veto competition…

1:41 a.m./ET There was just a moment of rear nudity! Dustin showed his ass while changing under a towel in the back yard before a dip in the hot tub with Jessica and Eric. I guess that (and the gratuitous swearing) is why they rate After Dark TV-MA.

  1. Dustin is the lyer in the house we all saw it tonight.He promised Amer to get Eric out because Eric said if Amer takes him out he will tell the whole house about her sercert..Its Dustin who is the wheasle. the lyer and the a22hole

  2. Dustin is the lyer in the house we all saw it tonight.Dick had told Amber that Eric will tell everyone in the house her secert if she votes him out..that is what he told Dick, so Dick told Amber,Ambered believed Dick somewhat and then Amber went to Dustin and told Dustin what Dick said and Amber said if i vote to keep Eric will you vote him out Dustin Absolutely said yes that he PRIOMISES Amber he lyed to Amber..If he would have stuck to his work Eric would of been gone PERIOD!!!!! What an a33hole,lye,and dick sucker.Sorry i am not against gay people BUT i am agianst liers who is leading Amber on….Poor Amber i feel for her now…. I thought Dustin was ok but we all found that out tonight Thursday the 9th that he needs to be taken out of BIG BROHER …VOTE to get rid of Dustin Please

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