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BB8 | ‘House Calls’: Gretchen returns

In Big Brother, CBS, Gretchen Massey, House Calls, Internet, Talk Shows on August 8, 2007 at 7:17 pm

I am back, starting today and for the rest of the season. It is great to be back, and who better to catch me up on what’s been happening in the house other than you guys, of course.

That’s how House Calls host Gretchen Massey greeting viewers upon her return today. No mention of where she’s been over the last week and a half, but “for the rest of the season” is certainly a stated comittment.

Massey was joined today by a special guest, Alex, a fan of Big Brother. Do the Big Brother caveats “Do Not Assume” and “Expect the Unexpected” apply to House Calls as well? Because my conspiracy theory generator wonders if perhaps this random fan had a hand in Massey’s suspicious circumstances.

  1. Your posts have been catty. Hopefully this will be a learning experience for you, and you will not assume negative things about people.

    Hosting House Calls is Gretchen’s JOB, nothing more. You might miss her when she’s gone (or not) and the show might be a big part of YOUR life. But blowing things up as you do and overscrutinizing them just makes you look foolish. While you’re over here picking apart the opening lines of each show, she was with family and mourning a huge loss.

    Your priorities are not in order. Good luck with that.

  2. It was odd that she just disappeared. It was not mean spirited.

    And we still don’t know why she was gone?

  3. We still don’t know, Bu.

  4. Why are there no more housecalls shows up on


  5. Episodes dated this week are posted here:

    I’ve found that House Calls works best in Internet Explorer. If you can’t get that page to work, check out, click on the first Big Brother link you see, and then you’ll see a link for House Calls in the left-hand frame of your browser.

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