by pat howard

BB8 | After Dark Update (8/9; contains spoilers)

In Big Brother: After Dark, ShoToo on August 9, 2007 at 10:02 pm
  • After a last minute change of heart from Dustin, Eric was saved from eviction by a vote of 4-3, making Kail the fifth player voted out of the house
  • Shocked by the vote, Dick lashed out at his fellow houseguests, only to be put in his place by Jameka, who was outraged by his incessant bullying
  • Fearing that she and her dad are next to go, Daniele is devastated
  • Jessica is head of household, and her nominations will be made tomorrow…

LATE UPDATE | Things got intense tonight, with Dick making an ass of himself by berating Amber and Jameka about the quality of their faith and the existence of a god. Jameka uncharacteristically resorted to some childish tactics during her confrontation with ‘Evel,’ but both she and Amber seem to have accepted his harsh words as his mean ol’ m.o. The argument that both girls are liars is misleading at best, a typical Dick move: question your opponent’s honor by using whatever you can against them. The house seems to be leaning pretty heavily toward a Dick nomination/eviction this week, but if you don’t like the way things are looking in the BB house, wait 24 hours and they’ll probably change.

NOTED | Friday’s After Dark Update will be posted Saturday afternoon.


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