by pat howard

BB8 | After Dark Update (8/10; contains spoilers)

In Big Brother, Big Brother: After Dark, CBS, Ratings, Reality TV, ShoToo on August 11, 2007 at 3:10 pm

Here are last night’s belated headlines from the house:

  • Jessica is head of household
  • Nominations were held today
  • Dick and Daniele have alienated themselves from the rest of the houseguests
  • Food competition was held today
  • Jen won a slop pass for the week
  • Dick, Daniele and Dustin are on slop for the week…

The hidden message ShoToo “hid” in these headlines so as not to spoil the surprise is that this week’s noms are alliterative father-daughter duo Dick and Daniele Donato.

BIG NUMBERS FOR KAIL’S EVICTION | The CBS primetime show hit season high ratings during Thursday night’s dramatic live vote. With 8 million viewers, it was the most-watched episode so far this year.

DOUBLE DOSE | More headlines live from the house later tonight!


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