by pat howard

BB8 | After Dark Update (8/11; contains spoilers)

In Big Brother, Big Brother: After Dark, CBS, ShoToo on August 11, 2007 at 11:40 pm
  • Jessica is head of household
  • Nominations were made yesterday
    • Daniele and Dick were nominated for eviction
  • Before this morning’s veto competition, Dick woke up everyone by banging pots and pans over their heads, causing everyone to seek sanctuary in the HoH room
    • Dick won today’s veto competition
  • After a confrontation with Jameka, Daniele went up to the HoH room to defend herself, tired of being held accountable for her father’s actions
  • Zach has informed Dick that he will be playing both sides from this point forward
  • Meanwhile, the remaining members of the LNC are still skeptical of Eric’s voting…

NEW PRIMETIME HOUR TOMORROW | Sunday at 8 p.m./ET on CBS, see the houseguests compete for food and the power of veto in another new episode of Big Brother 8

  1. Hey I really can’t stand Eric. I don’t hate evil but he can be a little “EVIL” with good cause. He calls out the liars point blank. I think he will use the veto for his daughter. I really don’t want to see him go. I really can’t wait until people find out about Eric then they will know that Danielle had good reasons to put him on the block. Dustin is a fake because he promised Amber that he would vote for Eric but I guess he’s just playing the game. Man I am so MAD this week that Evil and Danielle got played.

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