by pat howard

WEEDS | As one wait ends, another begins

In Elsewhere, Showtime, Weeds on August 13, 2007 at 11:18 am

Tonight, the wait is finally over. After almost a year, Showtime premieres a new episode of Weeds at 10 p.m./ET.

When we last left the residents of Agrestic, Nancy and Conrad were in a Mexican standoff with U-Turn and the Armenians who killed her DEA agent husband, Peter. This is a major drug deal gone bad, because the weed Nancy and Conrad are supposed to hand over is in the trunk of Nancy’s teenage son Silas’ car. Meanwhile, Nancy’s other son is on an unsanctioned international road trip with her brother-in-law Andy’s crazy ex-girlfriend Kat. They’re being pursued by Uncle Andy and an Inuit bounty hunter that’s been after Kat since she left Alaska. Both Doug and Dean found their marriages in shambles, and Celia was about to have Silas arrested for stealing her drug-free zone signs and security cameras.

By the end of this season’s opening half-hour, you’ll know what happened to the weed, but not much else. The frantic pace the show came to thrive on last year is still present in its early episodes. But the comedy that forgot it was a comedy during an intense and dramatic second season remembers right away, layering plenty of laughs throughout the season premiere.

There are a lot of stories in motion here: many things to resolve, many loose ends to tie up. And this season there’ll be 15 episodes over which to tell the story, so the show seems to be in no hurry to make tidy resolutions.

It’s a great episode, funny and action-packed. If the show can keep up this hybrid of its first two seasons, I’d say we’re in for a great third year. The season finale cliffhanger doesn’t feel un-hung until after the second episode, though, which won’t air until a week from tonight.

The third season of Weeds premieres tonight at 10 p.m./ET on Showtime.

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