by pat howard

BB8 | After Dark Update (8/15; contains spoilers)

In Big Brother, Big Brother: After Dark, CBS, Ratings, ShoToo on August 15, 2007 at 10:39 pm

On the heels of continued ratings success for the mothership, here are tonight’s headlines from the Big Brother house:

  • Jessica is HoH
  • Dick and Dustin are nominated for eviction
  • Dick approached Eric with a possible deal
  • Dustin told Jameka and Amber that he’s 99 percent sure he’s staying
  • The eviction ceremony is Thursday night

THE NUMBERS IN THIS SHOW ARE OFTEN ODD AND SPECIFIC | It may be an early night for the houseguests. Their conversations indicate that an early-morning surprise is in their future. Dustin, Jameka and Jessica were just discussing plans to “pack tonight” in Dustin’s case and “go to bed as soon as possible.” There’s some speculation among these three that whatever’s planned for 6:47 a.m. tomorrow is HoH-related.

  1. Is dick really out?

  2. We won’t know for sure until tonight’s live eviction at 8 p.m./ET on CBS.

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