by pat howard

TALK | Whoopi preps for her ‘View’ debut

In The View on August 29, 2007 at 1:43 pm

Whoopi Goldberg officially joins the ladies of The View this Tuesday, Sept. 4. But you can see a picture of her with the cast this very second!

The first guest for the new season is none other than Danny DeVito, who made an infamous drunken appearance on the show last winter.

So far, it seems like Barbara and the gang at The View are trying to capitalize on last year’s controversy for the new fall season. But Rosie is gone, and that era at the show is over. Will Whoopi be controversial enough to bring ratings and please producers, but not so controversial that she provokes the Fox News Channel to call for the show’s cancellation, as Rosie was wont to do?

My impression is that Whoopi has a reputation for being “controversial” or provocative that is based mostly on street cred and not reality. (I’m not trying to hate on Whoopi, either. I love the Sister Act movies!) Maybe she’ll prove me wrong and there’s some bite to her bark, but I’m guessing not.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with Goldberg, necessarily, but she and Rosie are very different people and if the idea is supposed to be that Whoopi is the new Rosie, viewers aren’t going to fall for it.

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