by pat howard

BB8 | After Dark Update (9/17)

In Big Brother, Big Brother: After Dark, CBS, ShoToo on September 18, 2007 at 12:25 am

As I write this, Dick and Daniele are discussing the merits of a Wizard of Oz-themed house in a future Big Brother season while playing cards together. It’s definitely not the excitement we’ve seen in the After Dark hours this summer, in no small part due to the fact that only two houseguests remain in the game.

After Dark, this little late night experiment on Showtime Too, was a hit-and-miss proposition. Some nights, there were fights or strategy — some kind of action germane to the game. Other nights, we stared at the walls or witnessed countless rounds of beer pong. All in all, I appreciated (and understood) this summer of Big Brother more because of the (mostly) uncensored glimpse into the house each night. Here’s hoping that the powers that be will see fit to continue this arrangement next summer.

Now, for the last time this summer, here are your After Dark headlines, live from the Big Brother house on ShoToo:

  • Today is the 80th and final night in the Big Brother house
  • Remaining houseguests Dick and Daniele Donato spent the day talking about all the things they look forward to doing after getting out of the house
  • Tomorrow night, all 14 houseguests, including the seven jury members, will be at the house for the live show announcing the winner of Big Brother 8 and $500,000
  • Watch it all unfold live, September 18 at 9p/8c only on CBS
  • Big Brother and ShoToo thank all of [their] loyal viewers for tuning in this summer…

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