by pat howard

EMMYS ’07 | Postmortem notes

In Grey's Anatomy, Primetime Emmys on September 18, 2007 at 7:43 am

Here are a few of my notes about Sunday’s Emmycast, despite its being the second-lowest-rated ever.

  • It was the funniest, most entertaining Emmys I can remember, in spite of host Ryan Seacrest, who was pretty bland overall.
  • Katherine Heigl had fun correcting the announcer on the pronunciation of her name; Heigl has gotten her share of the spotlight after her surprise win for outstanding supporting actress on Grey’s Anatomy.
  • Kanye West and Rainn Wilson’s rap-off went better than I ever believed it could, right down to Kanye’s “I never win” observation.
  • The in-the-round setup was a bold idea that didn’t quite seem to take root; however, I appreciated the Academy’s notion to seat cast members of the same show together. Please continue this practice in the future!
  • There were some major surprises, Heigl among them. The other one I never saw coming was James Spader’s Boston Legal win for outstanding lead actor in a drama.
  • If the show was too long, gimmicks like Jimmy Smits and Kate Walsh promoting/not promoting their new fall shows were partly to blame.
  • I liked the way the show flowed from one segment to the next. It felt organic and smooth. (Examples: after Queen Latifah introduced a clip package honoring the cast of Roots on the miniseries’ 30th anniversary, cast members took to the stage and accepted an ovation…before presenting the next award.)
  • Also, I picked five out of ten Emmy categories correct, a feat of which I am just a little proud.

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