by pat howard

WEEDS | 308: “The Two Mrs. Scottsons”

In Grey's Anatomy, Showtime, Weeds on October 2, 2007 at 8:52 am

It’s a tall order for the cast and crew to be in fine form week in, week out, but they manage to maintain an astounding level of quality, even in uncharacteristic and tender moments like the ones we saw last night.

Peter is dead and buried, and the DEA would like to keep him that way, tying up another loose end for our heroine. She’s back in business with Heylia, playing Sullivan cold again and sending him into the willing arms (and scarred breasts) of Celia.

Television seems to be all about juxtaposition these days, and putting a fully nude, post-surgery Celia up against Nancy’s mammogram. For all the talk about the dangers of breast cancer in this country, it was nice to finally see these serious themes addressed on television. Granted, Nancy’s episode-ending mammogram was administered by the titular other Mrs. Scottson (played perfectly by Grey‘s Dr. Hahn, Brooke Smith), the dead DEA agent’s first wife. But you can never tie up some loose ends without unraveling a few more.

Also authentic and affective: the interplay between Celia’s lesbian/plus-sized model daughter Isabel and Shane, Nancy’s forgotten younger son. After being suspended from Majestic’s summer school because of their beliefs, the two hung out and toked up together, letting their guard down and sharing an honest childhood moment that didn’t seem forced or out of place. “Why have we never hung out before?” Isabel wonders aloud. Why, indeed. You’ve got to respect a show that gives equal time, depth, and character development to the kids as well as the adults.


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