by pat howard

BIONIC WOMAN | Counting chickens before they’re hatched

In Grey's Anatomy, Isaiah Washington on October 3, 2007 at 7:02 pm

“…[T]here’s some talk about spinning me off into my own show once Bionic Woman becomes a huge hit,” Isaiah Washington tells the New York Post. Big talk, considering the Bionic remake had only aired one episode before tonight.

Isaiah continues to paint himself as a hero (remember that ridiculous Larry King interview this summer?), this time to the cast and crew of Bionic: “There’s been some relative excitement about my presence,” adding, “I may end up doing more than five episodes.”

I’d sooner watch a Grey’s spinoff starring McSteamy and the original cast of Charmed (blech) than anything starring Washington. I’ll give him credit for one thing, though. He somehow managed not to let his overwhelming self-importance suck the life out of his Anatomy alter ego, Preston Burke.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one, Isaiah.

  1. It is sad how vindictive and childish a lot of you internet writer or columnists are.
    Get over it! How long will you guys crucify him, huh! Let it go already!
    He is one of the most incredible suberbly brilliant and accomplished actor to grace our primetime screens in a long time. Whatever he did is in the past and he is talented enough to know and believe in his worth even if ABC is too dumb and myopic to know it.

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