by pat howard

THE WHIP | Fox has more ‘Back’; game and talk shows in the pipeline

In Fox, MTV on October 25, 2007 at 8:08 am
  • Fox has picked up a full season of its freshman comedy Back to You.
  • MTV Networks is reviving and revitalizing Name That Tune simultaneously across three of its networks: MTV, VH1, and CMT. It’s a six-episode order on each cable network (for 18 total half-hours), and the game will be customized to each channel’s musical identity. Look for episodes in early 2008.
  • Meanwhile, Debmar-Mercury is developing a TV game show version of the popular Trivial Pursuit board games. It’ll be shopped to stations for daily syndication beginning next fall.
  • The Dr. Phil spinoff The Doctors, featuring a roundtable of medical experts, has been signed up by stations representing more than half the country. The plan is to introduce the eponymous doctors to viewers throughout the current season of Dr. Phil before they’re spun off in fall 2008.
  • Donald Trump is getting into the syndication business in a format that’s being described as a Dr. PhilJudge Judy hybrid. He’ll be settling people’s financial disputes. This grabs me as the least marketable of the myriad shows in the fall 2008 syndication pipeline. To be fair, Trump has definitely had his share of TV success, but let’s not forget about The Apprentice: Martha. On second thought, could we?

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