by pat howard

BB9 | ‘Til Death Do They Part turns up the heat

In Allison Grodner, Big Brother, Big Brother: After Dark, CBS on February 12, 2008 at 5:51 pm

If the slutty houseguest preview video hosted by Janelle wasn’t enough to convince you that this Valentine’s Week-premiering, winter ski lodge edition of Big Brother is totally designed to get the houseguests into bed with one another, allow me to present even more evidence.

How about the revelation from executive producer Allison Grodner (more on her to come) that the houseguests will actually be forced to share a bed with their “soul mate” each night? And then there’s the 20-second B-roll clip of a brimming bowl of condoms in the fancy BB9 sauna posted this weekend under a CBS account on YouTube (it has since been deleted, of course).

I’d go so far as to speculate that Showtime’s renewal of Big Brother After Dark (returning tonight at 12a/11c on SHO2) may have hinged on the potential for steamier action during those late-night hours. “Crazy” James, the semi-homeless contestant with the pink ‘do, has already threatened in numerous interviews to give up clothes sometime around week four. Of course, only time will tell whether the smutty concept lives up to its corporate parents’ secret hopes…and of course we know to expect the unexpected in the meantime.

Just over two hours to go ’til Big Brother 9 premieres on CBS, at 9p/8c. The Internet feeds go live at 10p/9c, immediately following tonight’s broadcast.


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