by pat howard

BB9 | After Dark Update (2/22; w/ video)

In Big Brother: After Dark on February 23, 2008 at 1:09 am

  • Chelsia & James are the HoH couple
  • The PoV competition was held today
    • Joshuah & Sharon were the winners
  • Sheila and Allison had a major blowout today because Sheila accused Allison of sharing her personal information with the rest of the house
  • Amanda & Alex and Sheila & Adam are still on slop
  • The house now has less than 24 hours to go without hot water…

BB EMERGENCY | Also tonight, Amanda passed out and/or started seizing and had to be taken to the hospital; Allison was soon to follow. As of this posting, both of them have returned to the house. As a result, everyone has been allowed food privileges again.


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