by pat howard

BB9 | After Dark Update (3/4)

In Big Brother: After Dark on March 5, 2008 at 8:02 am

  • Sharon & Josh are the HoH couple
  • Sheila & Adam and Allison & Ryan are on the block
  • James & Chelsia know who they want out, but won’t tell the other houseguests ’til the last minute
  • Allison has done a lot of campaigning to Chelsia & James
  • Natalie & Chelsia have been fighting today
  • James want to vote out Allison & Ryan tomorrow but Chelsia isn’t so sure
  • Sheila had a crying breakdown today over how dirty people play the game
  • Tomorrow night is the live eviction…

WEDNESDAY’S BIG TWIST | TVsurfergrrl predicts that tonight’s evicted couple will have a chance to compete over which one of them will remain in the house. TVsurfergrrl and I are fairly confident, though, that they’ll finally be splitting up the couples. We’ll see during the live eviction.


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