by pat howard

PROGRAM NOTES | 07.11.08

In Program Notes on July 11, 2008 at 4:07 pm

Tonight on The N, Degrassi returns with the first two of six installments wrapping up the series’ seventh season. The motif for this chuck of episodes is looking toward the future. As most of what’s left of the original cast prepares to graduate from Degrassi, their potential futures present a wide array of paths.

In the first of tonight’s two new episodes, “Broken Wings,” Jimmy gets accepted into law school and thinks he may have found a way out of his wheelchair. What show other than this one can deal so openly with issues as controversial as medical marijuana and stem cell research in the same season? Meanwhile, Peter gets a band together (because high school garage bands haven’t been done to death on this show) to stave off boredom, essentially. “Broken Wings” airs at 8p/7c.

It is followed by “Everything She Wants” at 8:30p/7:30c, in which Mia negotiates her various obligations as a teen mother whose baby daddy proves to be a poor influence on her and her child. And Snake finally gets up the nerve to return to his classroom, only to be confronted with the fears of a former student and a ghost from Emma’s past. Former cast member Daniel Clark returns as Sean.

ALSO TONIGHT | The N stacks its two new reality series, Queen Bees and Student Bodies, right behind their stalwart teen series at 9p/8c and 10p/9c, respectively.


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