by pat howard

BB10 | After Dark Update (7/14)

In Big Brother: After Dark on July 13, 2008 at 11:16 pm

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends…

It’s the third season premiere of After Dark on Sho2! I’m sure the exclamation points will fade to disinterested periods in but a few more weeks. By then, I might have a better handle on the contestants’ names as well. Off we go then:

  • 13 new houseguests moved into the Big Brother house
  • Jerry was voted the first HoH before entering the house
  • A luxury comp was played and Memphis won a classic car, leaving six houseguests on slop
  • Jessie & Renny are nominated for eviction
  • The veto comp and ceremony airs [sic] on Tuesday night…

No exciting spoilers to impart just yet, but be warned that After Dark Update is spoiler central once the season gets into full swing. All I know so far is that the six food comp losers come off slop after today, since THEY’VE BEEN IN THE HOUSE SINCE TUESDAY or so!

Meanwhile, the houseguests rang in the new After Dark season by running through the house screaming like banshees. Oh yeah, this is gonna be great.


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