by pat howard

PROGRAM NOTES | 07.21.08

In Program Notes on July 21, 2008 at 11:29 am

There’s a certain caliber of program that screams “summer filler.” ABC’s newest game show import Wanna Bet, premiering tonight at 9p/8c, certainly qualifies:

George Takei, Sherri “The World is Flat” Shepherd, Tom Green and Harland Williams bet on ‘ordinary’ Americans’ abilities to do outlandish stunts in tonight’s premiere episode, hosted by British comedians Ant and Dec. Surely it can’t be as bad as Celebrity Circus, right? Plus, it’s got that built-in excuse common to celebrity game shows: it’s for charity.

Wanna Bet is followed by a new episode of flagging resuscitated reality game The Mole. Producers are mounting an Internet campaign to save the show again. It is one of the smartest reality shows around, but with Anderson Cooper off doing important things, it’s lost a certain appeal. Jon Kelley is a dramatic improvement over Ahmad Rashad, but he’ll never pull off Cooper’s cheesy suave. Too bad he won’t stop trying.

ALSO TONIGHT | A new episode of Weeds at 10p/9c, “Excellent Treasures.” Last week, Nancy took some personal responsibility for the first time in the series. Now things are moving in a new direction, and I think I like it. Showtime announced last week that it has ordered two more seasons of Weeds, for a total of 26 additional episodes. … Weeds is followed by a fresh episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl at 10:30p/9:30c. I caught up on all the episodes so far of this British import, and it’s light, fluffy fun. Good to know, since it’s also been picked up for two more seasons stateside.


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