by pat howard

WEEDS | Another season down…

In Jenji Kohan, Weeds on September 15, 2008 at 3:33 pm

UPDATE | I’m just throwing this out there: if tonight’s cliffhanger is that Nancy is pregnant, it should come as no surprise to anyone, as hints to this effect have been dropped over and over during the last two seasons. It’s one of many Weeds threads that goes on for so long you forget it’s been brewing. So I’m just saying, if that goes down tonight, I called it.

I’m anxiously anticipating tonight’s final installment of the fourth season of Weeds. Though it has been far from perfect, this season has had its moments, and you can usually count on Jenji Kohan for a spectacular season finale, if nothing else.

Of course, Kohan likes to say that she sees each finale as a pilot for the next season, so we know to expect some loose ends. But what kind of resolution is there to be had, now that Nancy is confronting four seasons’ worth of questionable decisions that have led her to this point?

And will the show say farewell to any more of its core cast? Last year, as Agrestic/Majestic burned down around everyone, the James family (Heylia, Conrad, and Vaneeta) was shown the door. What’s to be done with Doug, who’s been floundering this season and whose exodus with the Botwins was the least plausible?

Will the mayor of Tijuana die — if not tonight, then early next season? So far anyone Nancy has loved (even Peter, for whom her affection quickly soured) has ended up dead one way or another. So many questions, but I know better than to expect many answers. I’ll settle for a satisfying half-hour of television that I hope will have me counting down the days to season five as early as tomorrow.

THIS SEASON’S FAILING IN A NUTSHELL | Lazy character development, says Jacob, who recaps the show for Television Without Pity. His blow-by-blow commentary on last week’s penultimate episode is worth a read for his notes about the show’s reliance on gay themes, this year’s lifeless supporting cast, and how it all added up to enjoyable anyway.


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