by pat howard

BB10 | The finale

In Big Brother on September 17, 2008 at 11:31 am

Last night was the season finale of Big Brother 10. It came down to Dan and Memphis. In a final nod to this season’s bloc-vote mentality, the jury of seven evicted houseguests unanimously voted Dan as the winner.

Say what you will about his tactics, but it was a game, and Dan played it very well. His early diary room comments about throwing competitions and wanting to appear weak seemed implausible — until he started dominating and put together a powerful alliance with Memphis, Keesha, and Renny.

I can’t remember ever being so satisfied with a BB season. Even though it was rough in the middle, with lots of explosive fighting, things played out well overall. The biggest surprise was Keesha as America’s Choice for a $25,000 jury prize. I voted for Renny, who I liked from the start, even though she grated on some. I am grateful that it didn’t go to Jerry, however, who coasted through the final weeks and behaved ridiculously at many points.

As for this season of After Dark, at least there were no whole-house orgies to speak of (season nine!). And, for a change, I’m going into the BB hiatus with good feelings. Whether we see another winter season or it’s on hold til next summer, it’ll be hard to top the great game that was played in season 10.


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