by pat howard

TAR | Season 13’s final leg looms

In CBS, The Amazing Race on December 5, 2008 at 1:11 pm

After mother-son team Toni and Dallas’ heartbreaking elimination last week, three teams remain in the race for $1,000,000 — and two of them had no business making it this far.

Brother and sister Nick and Starr have dominated several legs of the race, including the just-concluded penultimate chunk. They’ll have the lead going into this final round, but history suggests that the early frontrunners usually get their comeuppance by the end. In this case, for once, it would be totally undeserved.

Ken and Tina, whose marriage is on the rocks, can barely stop bickering long enough to figure out where they’re going. They’ve often been too busy blaming each other that things like ‘reading the clue’ take a back seat to the childish, petty behavior that likely drove a wedge between them in the first place.

Dan and Andrew, the bumbling frat boys, have run an embarrassing race and by all rights should have been eliminated three times by now. Their sheer dumb luck has kept them in the game, and now they have a one-in-three shot at that million dollar prize.

It was not that long ago that I was optimistic about the outcome of this cycle of the Race. Now, all I have to root for is Nick and Starr, which means that I’m twice as likely to be disappointed with Sunday’s finale as not.

Of course, all will be forgiven, if not forgotten, in just a few months. Season 14 kicks off February 15. The season finale of The Amazing Race airs Sunday at 8p/7c on CBS (though it’ll probably be pushed for NFL overrun, so set your DVR for an extra hour).


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