by pat howard

A complaint about the Sirius-XM merger

In DirecTV on December 15, 2008 at 6:10 pm

Um, it sucks now. As a DirecTV subscriber, I’m treated to free XM channels for digital, by-genre music. But in late November, XM and Sirius merged — a business decision I supported in theory. Then the practical application came home to roost and made me sad.

The companies seemingly shuffled their musical decks together, homogenizing everything and removing duplicates in the process. Thus, my beloved Flight 26 is gone, replaced with a similar ridiculously named channel.

The music mix is a little different, which is fine, but there’s much more irrelevant babble than I remembered. I’m not sure how they determined who’d be kept on and who’d be given the hook, DJ-wise, but I have a bone to pick about that if the result is more babbling and less music.

Anyway, all this is sending me running into the arms of Pandora once again. Thanks for the add-on, DirecTV, but I mostly won’t be needing it anymore.

  1. It’s actually been the same sensation from the Sirius side of the fence. It’s as if bringing the two together diluted the content instead of expanding and diversifying it.

    Hmmm. Pretty much what happened to terrestrial radio once it was allowed to consolidate.

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