by pat howard

DEXTER | A neat little package

In Dexter, Showtime, Weeds on December 15, 2008 at 6:18 pm

Never mind Michael C. Hall’s frightening real-life facial hair. The third season of Dexter was tidy, but not overly so. I enjoyed the Miguel storyline, and it was nice that the various subplots managed dovetailing and finding some measure of resolution. I think I only fell asleep once during this year of the show, which is a new record.

And there are still plenty of threads weaving their way into the new season. Will Deb find Dexter’s real mother (and will we learn that Deb and Dex are half-siblings)? Will anyone autopsy the Skinner, or for that matter Miguel? Will the writing get less transparent in any way?

A final note: it seems I’m subtly getting my wish from last year of Dexter and Weeds becoming the same show. At the very least they’re sharing plot ideas. Last year, both relied on fire. Both have dealt with murder as a means to an end. And now they’re are wading hip-deep into new baby territory. How long til bloody, ganja-emblazoned pacifiers pop up in that Showtime store?


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