by pat howard

MARATHONS | ‘Unsolved’ will do in a pinch

In Uncategorized on January 5, 2009 at 3:04 pm

I’m working nights these days and thus have been distracted by some daytime television.

Spike TV has been repurposing old episodes of Unsolved Mysteries since October, and I have to say I was initially not impressed. To their credit, Spike fixed whatever was causing that weird sideways letterbox problem in the first episodes I saw last fall. I guess I’ve made a sort of peace with it, because I can’t bring myself to change the channel today. (Worse, this crap is on all day every day this week. Sigh.)

Sarah Bunting hit the nail on the head in her review of the show’s makeover. The shiny graphics and fancy computer technology bring the whole thing down, like dollar store merchandise at Macy’s. As I noted in protest a year and a half ago, my dead TV grandfather Robert Stack was what sealed the deal. Farina didn’t cut it for me as a replacement for the late Lennie Briscoe (another of my TV grandpas), and he’s sure as hell no Bob Stack.

In a related story, I have got to find a day job.


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