by pat howard

NIP/TUCK | Terrible, but I can’t look away

In FX, Guilty Pleasures, Passions on January 6, 2009 at 4:41 pm

Clearly, I have a problem avoiding some of TV’s trashier shows (see: Big Brother/After Dark). I also have trouble abandoning shows that at one time had an air of quality (Grey’s Anatomy, Degrassi). So it’s a little strange that it took me so long to come around to Nip/Tuck, which returns to FX tonight for season five, part two.

I got sucked in by a friend with the DVDs and watched the first four seasons over the course of a couple months early last year. My impressions were that the first season was provacative and different, but I started loathing the show during its transparent-ass Carver season. Also, the show is totally exploitave and trashy, as anyone who’s seen it can attest.

This fall, I caught the reruns of season five, part one. Damn, has this show gotten terrible. Matt and Kimber are drug addicts who do porn for a quick score and burn down their hotel room. Sharon Gless is a crazypants fake Hollywood agent who stabbed Sean in the half-season finale. Julia is a lesbian — oh, wait, no she’s not — oh, wait, yes, she is. Then Matt falls in love with his long-lost half-sister. Seriously.

The nature of the American TV business model is that it has trouble letting go when the time is right. With its move to Los Angeles, Nip/Tuck has derailed into Passions territory, and I can’t stop watching even though I hate almost all the characters, which is why I’ve hesitantly added a season pass to my DVR. I realize I’ve become part of the problem here. But at least this trash only comes around once a week.


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