by pat howard

FAREWELL | Bush messes up prime time one last time

In Program Notes on January 15, 2009 at 3:06 pm

In what’s being called an attempt to defend his legacy, outgoing President Bush will address the nation live in primetime tonight. The fifteen-minute address is scheduled at 8p/7c. Here’s a rundown of changes:

  • ABC is pre-empting Ugly Betty and will fill the hour with repeats of Scrubs, followed by Grey’s Anatomy at 9p/8c and Private Practice at 10p/9c.
  • CBS will push its entire lineup the length of the address. A rerun of CSI begins at 8:15p/7:15c, followed by Grissom’s final CSI at 9:15p/8:15p and Eleventh Hour at 10:15p/9:15c.
  • Fox will fill the first hour with a repeat of Kitchen Nightmares, which has its finale at 9p/8c as scheduled.
  • NBC will fill the first hour with My Name is Earl, followed by The Office, 30 Rock, and ER as scheduled.

Fifteen minutes is a rough estimate of the speech length, if history is any indication. Pad your DVRs accordingly. Is it ridiculous to wonder if our next president will be more considerate of prime time?


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