by pat howard

BIG BROTHER | How long ’til season 11?

In Big Brother, Reality TV on January 21, 2009 at 2:24 pm

Okay, seriously? I must need an Oscar the Grouch-style T-shirt that says, “I love trash.” I’m trying to tide myself over with Real World Brooklyn, but other than the New York geography porn, it’s really just making me miss Big Brother.

The rumors that a second winter season was in the works have proved false. Here we are, with no strike and loads of scripted programming to tide everyone over. Nonetheless, Big Brother will be a delightful blight upon us all come July.

Best I can tell, they’re still taking applications over at the official site. You’d have to be crazy or never have seen this show to want to be on it, I think, but that hasn’t stopped anyone for eleven seasons running.

Meantime, I’ll be over here watching Real World Brooklyn and marveling at their excesses in our nation’s time of financial hardship.


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