by pat howard

THE REAL WORLD | 21×07: “Of Mice and Devyn’s Men”

In Uncategorized on February 19, 2009 at 3:43 pm

I kind of can’t believe this show. Seven weeks in, I still don’t know two of the roommates’ names. Chet is totally annoying most of the time, but not always because he’s wrong/oblivious. Yeah, Devyn’s got two boyfriends. How you go through that situation ignoring the fact that it’ll surely be fodder for one of the shoddily constructed ‘plots’ your various suitors will catch on MTV eventually, I’m not sure.

Also, when did this show become an hour long? We could’ve cut down dramatically on all this rat drama, to be sure. I can barely remember what else happened in this episode, which I just finished watching. These people are idiots. I’m not saying I’d have wanted the roommate situations of my college years to be broadcast on cable TV. Then again, that’s why I never signed up to be on this hot mess.


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