by pat howard

REAL WORLD BROOKLYN | Cast achievement awards

In MTV on March 26, 2009 at 1:47 pm

After last night’s twelfth installment, which included a trip to Atlantic City and the fallout from Ryan’s news that he is being re-deployed to Iraq, only one episode of this Brooklyn-based season remains. As we prepare to bid good riddance to another batch of easily manipulated, carefully edited roommates, perhaps the gang has earned some recognition for their achievements.

Most redeemable, after initially seeming unlikable | Ryan

Least redeemable, after initially seeming likable | J.D.

Most likely to be dancing on a subway platform for rent money | Katelynn

Most likely to be successful and/or benefit from the career opportunities explored while in the house | Scott

Most likely to always take themselves too seriously | Sarah

Least likely to grow up and be responsible, but most in need of it | Devyn

Most likable female roommate, but least likely to be remembered | Baya

Most in need of a chance to grow up and figure out which of his ideals he actually believes in, which ones work in real life, and whether he actually likes boys or girls | Chet

Suggest your own achievement awards or dispute my choices in the comments.

The season finale of The Real World: Brooklyn airs next Wednesday, April 1, at 10p/9c on MTV, following the premiere of “Pedro: The Movie” at 8p/7c.


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