by pat howard

TECH THURSDAY | What’s wrong with my DVR?

In Uncategorized on April 2, 2009 at 9:24 am

Two weekends ago, some mystery technical ailment plagued the satellites that contain program guide information for DirecTV. Once the glitch was corrected, many DVR users found that their scheduled recordings (including the DirecTV equivalent of TiVo’s Season Pass feature) were not taking place. The workaround from DirecTV: cancel everything and reset it.

This mostly fixed the problem for me. But some shows are now duplicated in my recorded programs list. As in, the same recording of the same episode broadcast at the same time and channel is listed twice, and one is a dummy recording that simply plays the other. No, this does not make sense.

This tech tomfoolery hit a fever pitch last night for the season finale of Real World Brooklyn. The hourlong episode recorded in two unequal parts. The first recording ran 34 minutes. The remaining 26 minutes was a separate recording. I have no idea how or why this happened, though at least it recorded the entire broadcast, in its own way. The DVR proceeded to record the Brooklyn reunion and a late rebroadcast of the episode in their entirety, without any inexplicable splits.

I’ve had this DVR for right around two years, and it has certainly been outpaced by newer technology. With a new season of Weeds around the corner, we’re planning an upgrade to HD, which will include a new DVR. But I’m hoping that for the next few weeks nothing else crazy happens. And I’d be more comfortable blaming the outdated DVR if I could be sure this wasn’t actually a DirecTV issue that could possibly continue when I do get new equipment. Any other DirecTV customers experiencing similar weirdness lately?


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