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SECOND CHANCES | ‘The Best Years’, Entertainment Weekly

In Uncategorized on April 6, 2009 at 11:55 pm

It was nearly two years ago that I panned The Best Years, Degrassi scribe Aaron Martin’s college soap. But the show has been unceremoniously resurrected for a second eight-episode season, which meant The N is repeating the original episodes. The show did, in fact, get better with time. Sorry for pre-judging you, The Best Years.

Orphan Samantha’s family issues, a washed-up starlet’s second act, and more boy-girl drama than you can carry made for a (melo-)dramatic and engrossing freshman semester (cameos from Degrassi alums don’t hurt, either). Granted, the show’s Boston setting is implausible on a good day and some tertiary characters come and go, but I enjoyed my return visit to Charles U much more than my initial campus tour.

As for the second season, which began Friday, history would suggest that my best move is to reserve judgment. I haven’t started in on it yet, but I am more than miffed that three principal cast members have disappeared. And I hear they’re taking things in a more comedic direction this time out.


Meanwhile, after a six-month sabbatical, I got a new Entertainment Weekly today. I like the print edition well enough, but since I moved it comes on Monday instead of Friday. By then, the website has surely scooped anything major. But the web navigation for longform features bugs, and since print media is dying, subscriptions are even more of a steal than usual. Plus, when I have time to sit down with it, I usually learn something from the mag that I wouldn’t have otherwise (usually it’s about movies). Just lay off the “Twilight”/Gossip Girl double issues and we’ll be cool, EW.


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