by pat howard

THANK YOUR EDITORS | The Amazing Race 14

In Thank Your Editors, The Amazing Race on April 28, 2009 at 5:30 pm

With another running of the Race winding down, I wanted to pay homage to the folks who painstakingly put this show together. As far as I can tell, after having watched at least three quarters of the series, this is one of the least manipulated, most honest shows in the genre. The fun of storytelling (and contestant mockery, often at their own hands) then falls in large part to the editors, who do superb work each week.

Here’s the list of editors I culled from this week’s episode. Apologies if I overlooked or misspelled anyone:

Michael Bolanowski
Chris Dalzell
Ernesto De La O
Jeremy Gantz
Eric Goldfarb
Julian Gomez
Andy Kozar
Aaron M. Lewis
Kathy Messer
Jenny Nelson
Paul Nielsen
Jacob Parsons
Richard Remis

Associate editors:
Nicole Marx
Mike McCarthy
Phillip Pableo

These people make it look much easier than it ever could be. Thanks for making The Amazing Race so enjoyable.


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