by pat howard

QUICK HITS | April 29, 2009

In Uncategorized on April 29, 2009 at 5:07 pm

Not surprised to learn that Fox has demoted Sit Down Shut Up to 7p/6c Sundays, from its post-Simpsons slot. What a mess this show is. How could half the cast of Arrested Development (including creator Mitch Hurwitz) and the animators of underrated cartoon gem Mission Hill collaborate so un-entertainingly? I’mma stick this one in my “international imports rarely work out well” file. The Office is a notable exception to this rule, though the original British version is quite different. That UK two-season wonder is returning to American television this summer on Adult Swim. In Britain, two seasons and out is often enough to tell a good story and get out before things become unwatchable. …

I like to at least sample anything Showtime dangles in front of me. I’m glad I stuck with Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union for its second season. The first year was hit or miss, but this season really seems to have hit a wonderful satirical stride. The new batch of episodes, Sundays at 10p/9c on Showtime, is worth the price of admission just for the new homemaker Laura Bush character, and of course the show’s perfectly patriotic title sequence. But this week’s J.K. Rowling-centric episode was well-woven from beginning to end, a delightful skewering of the pop culture phenom and the absurdity of American litigiousness. …

We all know America’s preferred Jesus substitute, Oprah Winfrey, sold out some time ago to finance her mansions and whatnot. Just look at yesterday’s show, where decorating dude Nate Berkus redid four families’ rooms by swapping their furniture and shopping exclusively at Target. Now a lesser-known media mogul is cashing in as well. Dave Zinczenko, Men’s Health editor, is developing a reality show based on his popular Eat This, Not That books. This may sound like a good idea, but how long before ‘Not That’ restaurant chains try to finagle their way into a ‘Eat This’ situation? They should definitely not take product placement tips from 30 Rock and Tina Fey. I guess I believe her claim that last week’s Slanket references were not an advertisement, I hadn’t even heard of this Snuggie forerunner until last Thursday’s episode.


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