by pat howard

WEEDS | S5 casting roundup

In Weeds on May 12, 2009 at 3:21 pm

The fifth season of Showtime’s Weeds is just around the corner, and the network has relaunched the show’s site for a new year. Meanwhile, I’ve been compiling guest star information in breathless anticipation.

Spoiler-phobes, take heed. Casting notes for the upcoming season, debuting June 8, are after the jump.

  • As reported a while back, Jennifer Jason Leigh will appear in at least two episodes as Nancy’s sister, Jill Price-Gray.
  • Ausiello announced today that Alanis Morisette will be Nancy’s obgyn, Audra Kitson, and a possible love interest for Andy. She’s on board for seven episodes, and could return in season six.
  • AfterElton included Weeds in their summer gay TV viewing guide, reporting that Maulik Pancholy and Jack Stehlin will return as Sanjay and Roy Till, respectively.
  • Kevin Nealon tweets that James Urbaniak appeared in a recently taped episode.
  • Kevin Alejandro returns in a recurring role as Rudolpho.

That’s all I’ve got, at the moment. Feel free to share any I’ve missed in the comments.


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