by pat howard

THE FRIDAY FIVE | Awesome finale cliffhangers of yore

In The Friday Five on May 15, 2009 at 11:53 am

Sigh. Let us put aside the events of the last 24 hours and look back at better cliffhangers from TV’s past.

The Simpsons “Who Shot Mr. Burns”
Season 6 | Episode 25
At the height of its popularity, The Simpsons paid homage to a classic Dallas cliffhanger, and had America gossiping about who turned a gun on Springfield’s most hated resident. Two episodes were produced, to throw everyone off the track; in the end, the culprit was baby Maggie.

My So-Called Life “In Dreams Begin Responsibilities”
Season 1 | Episode 19
Damn. As Angela figures out that Brian ghost-wrote the love note she received, she rides off into the sunset with Jordan Catalano anyway. The show ended as subtly and realistically as it ever was, which just made all the questions that much bigger. Will Graham leave Patty for Hallie? What will become of Rayanne and Rickie? In true So-Called fashion, we were left to forever ponder these questions, as the series was canceled after one season.

The West Wing “Twenty Five”
Season 4 | Episode 23
President Bartlett’s daughter is kidnapped by terrorists on her graduation night. With Zoey’s fate unknown, the president invokes the 25th amendment and cedes his office to a Republican opponent for the duration of the crisis. Oh, and Sorkin walks out of the writers room forever. Snap!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer “The Gift”
Season 5 | Episode 22
As the series prepares to leave the network that brought it into being, the world is once again on the brink of destruction. Only the blood of a Summers girl can close the portal that’s about to suck the life out of us all. Buffy takes the hit for her fake sister, and we are left to wonder how they’ll get their Slayer out of this one…yet again.

Weeds “Pittsburgh”
Season 2 | Episode 12
On Heylia’s orders, the Armenians kill Peter in exchange for the weed. U-Turn and his crew have decided to hold Conrad and Nancy up for said weed. But Silas has beaten everyone to the punch, only to be apprehended by Celia and a police officer. Meanwhile, Andy’s on the trail of Kat, who is heading for the border with young Shane. Now that’s a cliffhanger.

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