by pat howard

GLEE | 1×01: “Pilot”

In Glee on May 20, 2009 at 12:34 am

I was a little nervous about watching the sneak preview of Glee. Critical response had been so overwhelmingly positive that my expectations were dangerously high, which often leads me into spirals of unnecessary disappointment. That being said…

…this is one of the best pilots I have ever seen. There’s an electricity to it that doesn’t come along too often in television, and if Ryan Murphy can maintain that, he might just atone for some of Nip/Tuck‘s countless sins.

Of course, as the adage goes, making a good pilot is easy; making a good series is the hard part. And that’s part of my concern surrounding Fox’s preview stunt; though the pilot will supposedly be available online all summer, subsequent episodes won’t air until the fall season begins in a few months. Hopefully the buzz won’t have died down.

And hopefully the music will continue to be as carefully integrated into the show as it was in this first installment. This cast of relative unknowns has star potential written all over it, and Jane Lynch would be amazing even if you dressed her up as a mustard bottle.

I’m curious to see whether the subtle cultural jabs continue or are developed into a larger social commentary. If such feel-good TV can also do some America-skewing, I’ll be impressed. So far, the intense high school vibe feels like a less-dirty, post-millenial reimagining of “Election.”

Way to live up to the hype, Glee. I can’t wait to see the ratings, but I imagine if this momentum continues Fox will have a bona fide hit on its hands come fall.


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