by pat howard

UPFRONTS 2009 | Night-by-night: Monday

In Upfronts on May 25, 2009 at 11:00 am

Monday is a very competitive night for the networks, who plan to stick with tried-and-true series on the night.

8p/7c Dancing with the Stars (performance show)
10p/9c Castle

The Eye has shuffled its comedy deck, adding one new series.
8p/7c How I Met Your Mother
8:30/7:30 Accidentally on Purpose
9p/8c Two and a Half Men
9:30/8:30 The Big Bang Theory
10p/9c CSI: Miami

The CW
8p/7c Gossip Girl
9p/8c One Tree Hill

8p/7c House
9p/8c Lie to Me

Chuck is benched until midseason. Trauma is one of the year’s new medical dramas. And here begins the Leno-in-primetime experiment.
8p/7c Heroes
9p/8c Trauma
10p/9c The Jay Leno Show


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