by pat howard

UPFRONTS 2009 | Night-by-night: Wednesday

In Upfronts on May 27, 2009 at 11:00 am

Wednesday is a mix of networks trying new things or sticking to things that have been known to work. CBS and Fox are probably the first camp, though Glee will have to prove itself. The CW is straddling both strategies. NBC is mixing the old and new, and ABC totally scrapped the night and started fresh.

Which of these five new series will be the first casualty? There are some contenders (looking at you, Cougar Town), but my money’s on Eastwick.
8p/7c Hank
8:30/7:30 The Middle
9p/8c The Modern Family
9:30/8:30 Cougar Town
10p/9c Eastwick

Same as it ever was, though I’m a bit shocked that Gary made the cut.
8p/7c The New Adventures of Old Christine
8:30/7:30 Gary Unmarried
9p/8c Criminal Minds
10p/9c CSI: New York

The CW
All models, all night.
8p/7c America’s Next Top Model
9p/8c The Beautiful Life

This is that attempt to mirror the midseason Idol schedule; hopefully Fox can do a better job of getting SYTYCD to finish on time than it does with Idol.
8p/7c So You Think You Can Dance (results show)
9p/8c Glee

Where the crap is the flow here? We go from the trials of raising children to the actual trials of people who raped children? I get that SVU had to land somewhere (with or without Meloni and Hargitay), but between an angsty family drama and what I’m sure will be the hilarious Jay Leno Show…this is a little weird even for you, NBC.
8p/7c Parenthood
9p/8c Law & Order: SVU
10p/9c The Jay Leno Show

  1. So you think you can dance! I Love Love Love this show!!!

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