by pat howard

UPFRONTS 2009 | Night-by-night: Thursday

In Upfronts on May 28, 2009 at 11:00 am

Thursday is TV’s holy grail, mostly because Hollywood has to sell those blockbusters. And every few years, everyone brings their A-game to try to shake up the night. This is one of those years.

Though Flash Forward is an intriguing concept, ABC probably has the most to lose on this competitive night.
8p/7c Flash Forward
9p/8c Grey’s Anatomy
10p/9c Private Practice

With only Jay Leno and Kate Walsh to compete with, CBS’s plan to relocate The Mentalist to Thursdays is almost guaranteed to win the time slot.
8p/7c Survivor
9p/8c CSI
10p/9c The Mentalist

The CW
They’re actually pushing this as Goth Night. Seriously.
8p/7c Vampire Diaries
9p/8c Supernatural

I predict dismal failure for this non-election year Update series, which makes the first hour a wash. Community has promise, but it’ll do the time change when SNL finishes its limited run and 30 Rock returns.
8p/7c SNL Weekend Update Thursday
8:30/7:30 Parks and Recreation
9p/8c The Office
9:30/8:30 Community
10p/9c The Jay Leno Show


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