by pat howard

UPFRONTS 2009 | Night-by-night: Friday

In Upfronts 2009 on May 29, 2009 at 11:00 am

Friday is such a low-rated night, some networks don’t care whether anyone watches what they broadcast. Fox makes no secret of this, but ABC pretends that it’s not backdoor-cancelling Ugly Betty with this move.

This almost counts as a bastardized version of TGIF.
8p/7c Supernanny
9p/8c Ugly Betty
10p/9c 20/20

Procedurals will win the night, especially with the addition of NBC castoff Medium.
8p/7c Ghost Whisperer
9p/8c Medium
10p/9c Numb3rs

The CW
Speaking of backdoor cancellations…
8p/7c Smallville
9p/8c Top Model (encores)

In its defense, Brothers has nothing to do with ‘Til Death. But that doesn’t mean the Brad Garrett cockroach-com (think According to Jim) won’t take it down by association. As for Dollhouse, it’s prove-it-or-lose-it in season 2.
8p/7c Brothers
8:30/7:30 ‘Til Death
9p/8c Dollhouse

This, unlike Wednesdays, is an example of flow. Two cop shows, back-to-back, followed by that inescapable Jay Leno Show.
8p/7c Law & Order
9p/8c Southland
10p/9c The Jay Leno Show

There you have it: the 2009 fall season, night-by-night.


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