by pat howard

WEEDS | 5×02: “Machetes Up Top”

In Weeds on June 16, 2009 at 11:42 am

Oh, Weeds. I can’t stay sad at you for long. Spoilers for last night’s new episode after the jump…

The characters have been mixed up and recombined, and I think I like it. Our leading ladies are off on their own at the moment, elaborating on the motif that was established last week. Nancy gives Cesar the slip and takes advantage of the free time to catch up with her old pal Guillermo, with whom she must chat through a pane of glass. After a gentle reminder of her mortality, she puts Dean in charge of her affairs in case anything should happen to her. Then she goes to a sushi bar, where she smokes, drinks, and eats raw fish, which begs the promotional “is she or isn’t she” question just a little. Esteban does not look kindly on Nancy’s shenanigans, reminding her that she is virtually powerless in this situation.

Celia is released from captivity only to realize she has nowhere to go, and would rather keep things in order at the rebel camp than return to her own fractured life. Doug and Silas’ efforts to create a new game on federal land are thwarted by competitors, who spare their lives but seize their supplies.

Andy and Shane are sort of a team, traveling together to visit Nancy’s sister, Jill. Andy feeds her a line about a gang war and she agrees to keep Shane for awhile, before she and Andy consummate their domestic frustrations in her laundry room, unwittingly posing for a cell phone picture in the process.

The colorful despair bleeds through again, and Jill’s husband and twin girls are an appreciable tip of the hat to the series’ bygone suburban days. The challenge of Weeds‘ episodic nature is that each season works better as a six-hour play than a weekly serial; once they build a momentum, the half hour is over and it’s “time to go,” as Cesar tells Nancy in the night’s final moment. I’m feeling better about this season than I was after last week’s premiere. I feel like I’m looking forward to something rather than simply resigned to it.

Next week: Silas and Doug explore the idea of a pot club. I suppose a cameo by Tonye Patano is too much to hope for.


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