by pat howard

WEEDS | Process stories with Mary-Louise Parker

In Weeds on June 17, 2009 at 1:29 pm

We all know by now how enamored I am of the Weeds star. This interview with AV Club sheds a lot of insight on her process and her thoughts about the show. I cherry-picked some highlights.

On the cast changes after season 3:

I certainly miss people. That was the direction they wanted to take it in; they can speak better than I can about where they wanted to take it. I still miss those guys. I felt really close to Romany [Malco]—I still miss them. I think certainly people were totally missed and can’t be replaced.

On knowing how season 1 would end early on, a luxury she doesn’t have this year:

I remember in the first season, they described to me a little bit more in detail where it was going, and I really felt like I was pointing my car toward these two scenes in the final episode. I knew how to modify what I was doing just because I knew these two scenes had been described to me, and they were like big stop signs when I got to them. I felt like I was trying to circumnavigate through the season to get to those scenes, because they represented something to me.

On the More magazine nudity discussion from last month:

To be honest, I felt embarrassed when I saw that, because I thought, “Well, people are gonna read that, and they’re gonna believe that, and they’re gonna think that I’m a total moron.” It makes me sound manipulative. I felt really embarrassed. I just thought, “Oh God, people are gonna read that, and they’re gonna believe that’s true, and there’s nothing I can do!”


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